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stone pitching in Nigeria

The word stone pitching is popular among many Nigerian home owners and major property developers, but a lot need to be known about this wonderful art called stone pitching. This post aims to explain stone pitching and its applications on building wall decorations in Nigeria.

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Stone pitching as the name connote is the art of utilizing bits of stones to display beautiful stone decorations on the wall, the word stone pitching is reserved for the art of wall decoration with stone bits and it slightly differs from stone cladding which is the general art of decorating buildings walls with stones, therefore all stone pitching are some sort of stone cladding but all stone cladding are not stone pitching.

The ancient Romans are reputed to be the originators of stone cladding or stone veneers, the remnants of the Amphitheater and the Colosseum  are direct evidences of the skillful stone veneer arts of the ancients Romans. Their stone cladding arts include stacking unit stones on top of one another to yield layered design effect on the decorated wall. Throughout history, many walks of races replicated this stacking effect of wall decorations with stones, many stone types like the ledge stone and the ez fit stones are derivatives of this stacking approach for wall decorations. Stone pitching on the other hand is also a stone stacking art where one horizontal stone layer is stacked on the penultimate ones in consistent progression to give an awesome decorative effect on the wall.

Stone pitching can be broadly categorized into two main categories of, stone pitching with natural stones and stone pitching with granite off cuts. while stone pitching with natural stone is achieved by cutting natural stones types into regular bits to stack against one another, stone pitching with granite off cuts is achieved by utilizing granite off cuts bits which already comes in regular thickness for the stone pitching art in order to achieve same stacked views of the stones. Both are all aesthetic and are popular on many Nigerian buildings as wall decoration arts.

The process of installing stone pitching on the building wall for decorative purpose is always the same irrespective of the type of materials to be used for the project, be it natural stones or granite stones. Firstly, the stones are prepared by making sure to get regular thickness stones, this ensures straight and level horizontal layers of unit lines for the stone pitching design. Most installers make use of tapping hammer to tap the stones into desired shapes and thicknesses , when the stones are ready for installation, the installer then runs horizontal units along the face of the wall while holding the stones in place to the wall with pasty cement mortars which cure into strong bonds between them.

Stone pitching like other wall decorative processes is costed per square meter units where one square meter of stone pitching job ranges between the cost of N12,000 - N15,000 inclusive of labor and material charges, stone pitching is about the most expensive stone cladding type because of its very slow painstaking installation process and the enormous material requirements to produce individual horizontal stacks. for more information on stone pitching, talk to us at Farad Contractors Nigeria, our number is at the base of this page.