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manufactured stones and natural stones, the differences

Building decorations with either manufactured stones or natural stones is an art that has come to stay, over the years, man have devised awesome ways to make use of the materials and resources around him and stone decors has been one the arts of building decorations. To be able to be used as a decorative material on building walls, stones must be sliced to thin thickness of about 0.5 to 1 inch, this is called veneer stones or stone veneer and are quite different from structural stones which are basically used in erecting structures and building supports.

Veneer stones can be naturally sourced from stones around the environment like slate, marble, granite and sand stones which are subsequently sliced to thin thickness for use in building decorations or they can be manufactured in the factory to simulate the character and forms of natural stones, these are known as manufactured stones and even though they look like the natural stones, there are differences between the two.

Natural stones are naturally heavier than manufactured stones, this is because natural stones are of more density per same measurement of manufactured stones, this gives the manufactured stones the weight advantage over natural stones, many home builders prefer the light weight of manufactured stones on their buildings over heavy load of natural stones.

Because of its light weight per square meter, manufactured stones tend to be cheaper than natural stones during transportation to site and installations on the building walls, the amount of effort required to source and process natural stones can also significantly affect its cost, installers also charge higher amounts per square meter units to install natural stones.

Due to its nature, manufactured stones are not fit to be used in waterlogged environments like the swimming pools or water fountains, natural stones are more nonporous hence can be used in water fountains and swimming pools areas, this is the only slight advantage of natural stones over manufactured stones. Both stones are also same in terms of durability and aesthetics depending on how they were installed on the wall and how they fit on the building form they were used on.

Because they are manufactured in the factory, manufactures stones have the singular major advantage of have a wide variety of options in color, shapes and size at any moment in time unlike natural stones which come as a definite type in nature anywhere they are found.This explains why manufactured stones offer better aesthetics than natural stones as they can be used according to how the home owner so wishes. Many home builders and decorators therefore prefer manufactured stones to natural stones because of this singular advantage of maximum flexibility of choices and availability.
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