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Marble and granite stone offcuts in Nigeria

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Over the years, marble stones and granite stones have been used for many floor and wall decorative purposes, the term marble stones and granite stones is well known by almost all home builder in Nigeria, today we will introduce you to a meaningful cost effective way to make good use of marble and granite stones for wall decorations.

Both marble and granite are very hard rock formations obtainable from various deposits around the world and processed by marble and granite trading companies around the world, while marble is predominantly white in color, granite is most of the time colored with quartz, feldspar and mica constituents and crystalline nature. They are both used for surface decorations both for floor and building walls.

There are two ways marbles and granite can be used for building wall decorations, the first way is cladding the wall with the marbles and granite in flat layers, this is the most popular method known to many, while the second method is making use of marble and granite bits and stacking them horizontally on the wall to expose their multiple colored edges in bits, this is the method we will be focusing on today.

To clad your building with these tiny marble and granite stone bits, the first step is to choose the portions of your building here you will like to cover with the stones, it is very important to make this decision with an experienced stone cladding expert so as to get the best advice, but you can also do it on your own. After deciding on the best portions to clad with the marble stone and granite stone bits, then you need to get the measurement in square meter unit, Nigeria stone dealers sell in square meter units.
The portions of the building where you need to install the marble and granite stone bits should not be plastered for best bonding because the stones are very heavy so they need to clad strongly on the wall, if the walls were painted, or screeded , they need to be scraped and punched to exposed the cement layer of the wall, this is the best practice , some installers may render liquid mortar on the wall as against scrapping and punching, please don't accept that, it is a lazy and short cut approach and the stones will eventually fall off .

When you must have gotten the measurements, then you will have to go to a marble and granite  stone dealer store, they are usually in all Nigerian cities, ask them for marble and granite offcuts, some of them call it paladiana and they usually sell in wheel barrow measurements where three wheel barrow measures will cover 2 square meters of wall during the cladding, as an example, if your total wall is 20 sq meters, you need to buy a total of 30 wheel barrow measurements of the marble and granite offcuts, remember it is also very important that you ask them to mix the marble and granite bits in multi colors so that the finished job will be as colorful and aesthetic.

When your materials are ready, then you need to hire the service of an experienced marble and granite stone installer, it is very important that you hire someone who knows the job and have done the installation severally to avoid hiring someone who claims to know the job and ending up damaging your stones. the stones are very expensive.

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