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Burnt Jasper S A brick tiles

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Knowing the price of anything you plan to buy is essentially the first step towards buying, everybody loves to plan ahead so as to get the best of whatever they wished to achieve. Whenever you want to decorate your building with bricks and stones, it is very important that you know the cost of the whole project and this starts from getting informed knowledge of the correct price of bricks and stones in the market .Here are some  of the different types of bricks and stones in the market and their respective prices per square meter.

This product usually goes for 6200 - N6500 per square meters and each square  meter comprises one carton of the bricks which contains 50 to 52 pieces depending on packing.
price of south african brick
South African Bricks Merlot Color

This product goes for N8000 - N8500 per square meter and each carton comes as one square meter, prices may differ depending on your location  The kotec bricks is also made from clay materials like the south African bricks, although the south African bricks is a higher grade brick tile.

This is about one of the most sort after bricks currently in Nigeria because of its aesthetics and affordability,  eco bricks comes in 54 pieces per carton and each carton is equivalent to one square meter. Each carton costs N5500 -N6500 and it has a total of 6 colors varieties to choose from.
price of eco brick
Eco Brick Tiles

Antique bricks are rough in texture and also comes in 6 color options, 2 cartons makes one square meter where each carton contains 40 pieces of bricks, price is N6500 -N6800 depending on your location. The antique brick is suitable for large projects because of its pricing and guaranteed availability.
price of antique brick
Antique Brick Tiles

Also produced by same suppliers this stone goes for N7000 - N8000 per square meter and price any vary with location , and you may or may not get discounts with quantity purchased.
price of cobble stone
Cobble Stones

Comes in multiple color varieties also and presented as panel stone units, Ez fit stones goes for N7000 -N7200 per square meters and you can get discounts according to you bargain strength, quantity and location.
price of ez fit stone
Ez Fit Stones

Ledge stones comes in small multi colored bits of stones presentation and it is about the most expensive stone type in the Nigerian market today, possibly due to the effort it takes to produce the little bits and the storage casualties. Ledge stones goes for N9000 - N10,000 for a square and even go up according to the locations and dealer.
price of ledge stone
Ledge Stones

This goes for same price as cobble stones and also has 6 color varieties for you to choose from, it is important to note that these prices and stones and bricks above are JUST for the materials only, does not include installation cost or transporting the materials to your site, and you can also get discounts because what we gave are national price estimates around Nigeria.  If the brick or stone product you are searching for is not listed here or if you have any further questions, contact us at FARAD CONTRACTORS NIGERIA , we decorate Nigerian buildings with STONES AND BRICKS.
price of Vintage stones
Vintage Stone

The old English brick tile sells for N8500 per carton, it is a recent brick tile type in the Nigerian brick market and is made from fired clay that gives is its characteristic burnt color appearance. Discount is also available for bulk purchase of the old English Bricks with available standby professional installers.
Old English Bricks

South African Bricks redwood color is a  clay colored brick tiles made from fly ash technology and burnt in ovens. The redwood color is close to the burnt jasper in color and it is usually not too available in the market, its price is N8000 - N8500 per carton.

Redwood Color

Castle rock stone comes in different colors, here is the chalk ash color of castle rock stone used entirely on the walls of a building. The price of ash castle rock stone is N7000 per square meter which is the same as one square meter on the wall. Two cartons of this stone makes up one square meter of the stones on the wall after installation.

Ash Castle Rock

The mixed colored ez fit stone is a defined selected colors of the ez fit stone used on the wall to achieve a particular design pattern. The final pattern on the wall depends on the number of colors chosen and how they are used.

The Ez fit stone can be mixed up according to your desired color pattern to achieve various customized color combinations. Here, the black, beige and grey color types of the ez fit stone are used together to achieve uniqueness