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Eco bricks in black and white colors with white grouting

Whenever  it comes to exterior or interior building decorations with bricks, most of us finds it challenging as to choose the best bricks for us. Many home owners and builders tend to choose and select their brick choices based on what they saw on other buildings  and loved it , but truly ,that a brick type came out nice on a particular building does not necessarily mean that same brick type will be nice on yours also. Different factors determine the aesthetics of the finished veneer bricks decoration on individual buildings and they are as follows. Here we will show you factors to consider when buying your bricks.

The structure of a building tends to be a basic criterion for determining the type of cladding bricks to use on the walls of the building for its decoration, different building structures tends to align best with specific brick types, for example if the structural definition of a building is so elaborate with many curved edges, protruding pillars and projected walls then it will ultimately demand that the builder would go for smooth textured brick type with mild colors . This will calm the ambience of the whole finished building presentation,  otherwise everything will seem riotous and in conflict with each other.

Another crucial factor to take into consideration is the color pf paint you intend to use on your building,  many home builders usually tend to have ideas about the color they want to use on their house even before starting the project, if you fall within this category of people then you are not alone.  The essence of using bricks on the walls is mostly to accentuate contrast between painted wall portions and the brick work therefore it simply goes that you cannot use bright colored bricks beside brightly colored painted walls, this won't create that beautiful contrast that you tend to achieve ,for example dark colored bricks including black, coffee colors, brown and orange comes out nice on bright colored painted walls like white, off white, milky white and so on.

Most builders or home owners may not know this but , it is a fact that the color pf your roof must agree in harmony with the color of bricks you want to use on your building. This may sound unusual but it is correct. For best results, the color of Bricks you choose should have the color patches of the color of roof you have on top of the building.  If you have a brown roof, then your bricks combination should have some patches of brown even if it's not the exact color let it be in the same color agreement. This also applies to black roof and patches of black bricks of very dark colored patches. The only exception to this rule is if your roof color is off from black or brown, maybe odd colors like red, blue ,green or blue, in that case you will have to tune the final colors of bricks to be either calm or bright to contrast with whether the roof is calm or brightly colored.

For everything you need to do in life, cost is always a principal factor and also your budget for the project determines to a large extent the direction .different bricks come with their different prices like south African bricks, eco bricks, antique bricks, clay bricks, red bricks and so on, hence it is highly imperative that you get in contact with a bricks decoration company like farad contractors Nigeria to help you make the best decisions with respect to your budget for the bricks to buy.